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Moore Kismet and Bajillionaire "Drift" into the Spotlight

Article by: Sam Wolloch

Moore Kismet is back this #NewMusicFriday with their new single "Drift," featuring vocals from Bajillionaire, out now on Insomniac Music Group's Bassrush Records. Fans of Moore Kismet might recognize this tune from prior streams when it was known as “Moodswing,” but nevertheless, the wait is finally over for this anticipated track.

The song itself is quite melodic and moody, as Moore Kismet creates a soundscape which reflects someone drifting away after being scorned by their lover. There is a definite tenderness to this track compared to some of their other work, as the erratic glitchy computer noises which make up the melody aren't as harsh or aggressive as other bass-fueled synths. Bajillionaire's heartfelt vocals are a perfect fit for this song, especially in the ominous build-up ahead of the melodic drop. All in all, this is a very well conceived collaboration among two talented artists.

For Moore Kismet, this single is another big success after their fun release on the Gud Vibrations Remix EP for the Moody Good and Slander track "Heart Break" dropped last Friday. They have also been busy with some memorable live streams for the Alone Together festival and Insomniac's BackHARD Summer BBQ, and that's in addition to all they've done for Never Say Die. There is a lot to love about the outstanding work being shared by this young skilled producer, so use the links below to connect with and listen to this extraordinary talent. Also don't forget you can find this single, as well as tons of #NewMusicFriday tracks on the Moon Lvnding Spotify playlist New Music Friday Heat updated weekly.

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