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Moore Kismet Curates Glitchy Journey With Their New Composition “Beauty Is A Facade”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Moore Kismet is looping back around with their second release on Bassrush Records, "Beauty Is a Facade," in the wake of their debut single on the label "Drift."

“Beauty Is A Facade” showcases Moore Kismet’s advanced approach to post-dubstep production, employing an enhanced glitchy intro that quickly progresses into a blend of explosive bass and wonky rhythm. The slightly chaotic nature of the track resembles the complex journey of self discovery, and truly understanding one's identity. 

“This song is basically subject to interpretation to anyone who listens to it,” says Moore Kismet. “I named it this because it was started at a point in my life where I wasn’t happy with how I looked, but over time, as I started to explore my identity, I realized that my looks didn’t matter as much to me anymore and that I didn’t need to work myself to the bone to be ‘beautiful’ or ‘cute,’ when I was already myself.”

Moon Lvnding is eager to see more from this rising star!! Be sure to follow Moore Kismet to keep up with their latest projects, and let us know what you think of “Beauty Is  A Facade” by dropping a comment on Twitter or Instagram @moonlvnding. 

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