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Morelia Returns to Insomniac with Sensational DAMAGE CONTROL EP

Article by: Vassili Makavos

Slithering his way back over to the Insomniac Music Group’s premier house music label IN / ROTATION, Tanner Munn, better known under the spotlight as Morelia, has a vicious tech house two-track EP by the name of Damage Control that is not to be missed. This artistic LA-based “house music anomaly” is no stranger to Insomniac. Having hatched his own imprint, Teethy, under the IMG label umbrella, Morelia has bred a space for the animalistic grooves he has released for over a year now. His debut appearance on the IN / ROTATION imprint came via the low-slung growler, “Manipulate,” and will now be joined by the release of this new two-track EP.

Damage Control tastefully shows off two up-tempo tech house tracks destined to slay. Let’s take a look at the title cut itself first. Morelia cleans up on this track, as he demonstrates well-constructed aggressively gritty grooves marked by thick basslines; incisive programming of the drums and percussion; provocative breath samples; and my personal favorite, a tantalizing synth lead that sounds like an 8-bit sound bite having an orgasm. Both as a listener and musician, it certainly tickles my frontal cortex.

On the flipside, the second song “All Night” is an ode to the late-night sojourners of the dancefloor, of whom I sometimes feel like I am the chief. This track, which closely parallels the first tune in duration and form, presents a hypnotic vocal refrain that seemingly keeps the vibe locked in its daft daze. Amongst this daze, one can hear the sound effects of fidgety croaks maneuvering restlessly over a tastefully created shuffling rhythm. What I like most of these two tracks is how they can both stand on their own as individual pieces of music and yet, if desired to, can be combined together on the dancefloor by the DJ to make for one tech of a haus mix.

While reading up on this EP, I discovered both of these cuts manifested after Morelia was riding on the high from his upcoming EDC Las Vegas performance in 2019. He took all that electrifying energy and inspiration, and channeled it into one long and evidently fruitful studio session. Morelia stated, “I'm honored to release two tracks that have been staple weapons in my sets for over a year with my Insomniac family, both of these tracks were written in single sessions when I had the excitement of a show the next day in my mind and wanted something to smack the dancefloor. I'm so stoked how they came out, and I hope you are, too.”

Let that previous paragraph sink in for a second - he wanted something to “smack the dancefloor” and so the night before EDCLV he just whipped these tracks up and put them together. Can you say brilliant?! Initially I was impressed with the first track by itself, nevermind the two tracks together, but after learning about the origin, I was even more impressed with the talent and ability of the producer and artist. Morelia, well done! May these songs be played and bring all the positive vibes we so desperately crave in the upcoming year of 2021!

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