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Mythm and Matheny “Rise" Out of the Underground

Article by: Ryan Hood

Have you ever heard a song for the first time, then started maniacally laughing because of how amazing and insane it is?

That was me listening to the new Matheny and Mythm collab, “Rise.”

Released on Electric Hawk records, “Rise” showcases just how talented these rising bass producers are. The song has punchy, distinct percussion and mind-melting bass, reminiscent of the style popularized by Eprom and Alix Perez.

“Rise” is incredibly dark. It utilizes muffled, distorted vocals and a variety of dark bass synths and stabs. The intro is incredibly ominous, introducing the vocal sample and bass kicks. The indistinct vocals aid the sinister ambiance of the track, disorienting the listener. The first drop places heavy emphasis on the deep bass synths and provides an almost alarm-like topline, further enveloping the listener in the song. The percussion pattern is somewhat irregular, further throwing listeners off their expectations and ushering their descent into madness.

The second drop places a greater emphasis on mid-range bass, as the bassline drives the song while other FX help paint a sinister auditory picture. This song is downright evil in the best possible ways. Played out on a large sound system, this track would have the audience in a trance, mesmerized by an onslaught of deep, dark bass.

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