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NATIIVE Unleashes Emotional Single Making Us Think About Our “Choices”

Article by: Nick Lamoureux

Hold back the tears boys and girls, because NATIIVE’s new single “Choices” featuring LAYNE is going to hit you square in the heart of your emotional feels. The two artists just delivered the newest sadboi anthem that most of us can relate to.

“Choices” hits in one of the most vulnerable places: love. This song is about the struggles of loving the wrong person and investing your energy into a place where it’s not returned the way you long for. LAYNE’s voice crafts a soothing but heartbreaking sound, ringing “You made me feel like it was paradise, then you changed under the moonlight.”

“‘Choices’ is about a guy who fell for a girl who sold him the dream. She pretended she was someone she wasn’t and then changed overnight. He keeps doing the same thing with multiple girls and doesn’t even trust his own opinion anymore and is sick of crying/fighting as he loses every time. He can’t even make his own choices anymore as his choices are always made for him and he always ends up left alone." - LAYNE

The track gradually and beautifully blends the sounds of percussion with an easygoing guitar riff as it builds up to the drop, where it hits into the sentimental bassline. This one comes right on the heels of NATIIVE’s latest emotional drop, “Rewind," adding to a young but already impressive discography.

Make the right “Choices” and listen to this tune by finding it in our New Music Friday playlist!


This happens every time.

Thought that you loved me, it was all a lie.

You made me feel like it was paradise.

Then you changed under the moonlight.

Girl you really got me good.

So bad, no point in putting up, A fight.

There’s no point of fighting bout it.

Cuz I'll never win with you.

There no point in crying bout it.

Cuz you know I had to lose.

You made them choices, like you figured all of this out.

You made them choices, baby you just throwing me out.

You made them choices, like you figured all of this out.

You made them choices, baby you just throwing me out.


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