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Never "Too Late" to Get Stabby with Sam Blacky

Article by: Sam Wolloch

The Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Sam Blacky offers up her debut studio single “Too Late” as the first track released on her newly formed label, Stabby Records. Building on the popularity of her 2020 YouTube series “A New World,” featuring videos of her performing at some of her favorite venues in Mexico, Blacky’s Stabby Records will deliver similar cutting-edge underground house music.

“Too Late” is a great example of Blacky’s signature style, opening with disco vibes and engaging vocals as the bassline picks up. It is a very danceable tune and typical of the late night feel one experiences at a Sam Blacky club set. Give it a listen and hear for yourself.

With a modeling portfolio including brands like Nike, Superdry, and Guess, as well as a four-year touring career from Mexico to Ibiza to Bali, Sam Blacky is in prime position to take Stabby Records to the next level. “Too Late” lays down a marker for the label’s future success with a hit house track right out of the gates. Keep up to date with the latest from Sam Blacky and Stabby Records using the links below, as this is just the beginning of big things to come.

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