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New Release: "U Know Me The Best" by Rampant

Written By: Nick Lamoureux

Rampant is back with their newest release "U Know Me The Best." They have been on a little bit of a hiatus but have come back big-time with this release.

Rampant says that, "'u know me the best' is the track that we wanted to re-launch the project." The duo has been redefining their sound, and this track captured what they want Rampant to be. I remember listening to this track sample in early January on twitter when I saw them record and use the sound from a car horn in the parking lot of their complex.

Rampant says "this track started out as a viral video on social media where we took an obnoxious car alarm at our apartment complex and turned it into an instrument in the track. We finally got it to a place where we were ready to share it with everyone.

You can listen to the track above, or click on the links below to listen as well!

Soundcloud: Spotify Link:

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