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New Summer Anthem, “I Miss You,” Coming in Hot from Lucii and Pushing Daizies!

Article by: Sarah Melosh

For fans of Pushing Daizies, the vibe and tempo of their latest track “I Miss You” is no surprise; it’s a light-hearted, refreshing summer tune that makes you want to frolic in a field with your rave bae on a beautiful July evening -- much like their most recent single, “I’ll Be Alright."

Not much is known about this duo. They were recently signed to Dim Mak and have so far released eight tracks, including a remix of “Distance” by Apashe that made it onto his remix EP. Lucii fans, on the other hand, are in for a twist with this one. Although there's no neck-breaking bass here, the Orlando-based bass queen does not disappoint.

With “I Miss You,” she truly proves that she is a production master with a wide skill set. Lucii takes listeners on a melodic journey, tugging at heartstrings through her use of poetic lyrics accompanied by waves of emotions that overwhelm at the crescendo.

This track is definitely going to be one to put Pushing Daizies on the map. I am stoked to hear more from this anonymous duo, and you can use the links below to keep up with the artists. Check out “I Miss You” and more on our New Music Friday Heat playlist!

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