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Nicky Romero Partners With Visual Lab and Ethernity Chain For His First NFT Drop

Article by: Christian Langston

Nicky Romero has been a mainstay in the EDM world for over a decade, now he aims to take the NFT world by storm. His continued partnership with Visual Lab has produced his show visuals, including his “Another Word” livestream; they take the lead once again for “Behind The Mask.” This release is hosted through Ethernity Chain, putting Nicky Romero in the company of Pelé, Tony Hawk, and Muhammad Ali.

“Behind The Mask” is a three-tiered drop, ranging from $300 to $25,000, full of the bonuses and extras that NFTs are praised for. Boasting the iconic Guy Fawkes mask as its centerpiece, the art is full of beautiful particle effects and moving parts. This release could pave the way for truly unique live show visuals in the future, though we don’t know what that could look like. You can explore “Behind The Mask”, and get your copy, here.

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