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Nikademis Returns With His Remix of “Antidote”

Story by: Trevor Di Carlo

Nikademis, the bass music producer from down under, storms back into the scene with his stylish remix of “Antidote,” the legendary collaboration between Swedish House Mafia and Knife Party. Now living in New York, Nikademis seeks to communicate with others through his innovative sound and strives to impact the world with his music.

Primed for a big year, Nikademis came in hot with hard hitting singles “Ghost” and “Crossfire” to kick 2020 off with a bang. Keeping the momentum rolling, he showcased his explosive production skills on the HerdItHereFirst live stream earlier this week. Now Nikademis draws the spotlight back to 2011 with his remix of the iconic EDM anthem, Antidote, reviving the hit track from the shadows of the past with his electrifying perspective.

Nikademis shares the thought process behind bringing “Antidote” back to the spotlight. “I’ve been on a kick of remixing classic EDM tracks,” he says. “Reviving these old tracks in a different way not only has brought out some fresh inspiration for me, but also has brought a lot of fun and enjoyment back into producing. Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party were two of my original favorite EDM groups and although it’s tough to top the original, I really enjoyed putting my own twist on ‘Antidote.’"

Nikademis builds suspense with screaming sirens matched up with heavily distorted synths. With no surprise, the drop comes in thundering with power. Synth-slapping layers packed with even more distortion pour through in mid-tempo succession to cap this successful remix.

Nikademis put out banger after banger to start the year, and his curated flip of Antidote is sure to put smiles on the faces of EDM fans. Keep your eyes out for more Nikademis, because with talent like his, bigger things are sure to come.

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