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Nikademis Surprises Fans With Hot New Linkin Park Flip

Article by: Christian Langston

One of the most defining and exciting aspects of dance music is the potential to remix any song in any genre, with no exception. Sometimes this produces a fresh take on an already incredible song, which is what Nikademis has done with Linkin Park’s “Burn It Down.”

As one would expect, the track is led by Chester Bennington’s legendary vocals, supported by the digital melodies and gritty tones courtesy of Nikademis. As the energy builds, these edgy synths compliment Chester’s vocals incredibly well, leading into a heavy mid tempo drop. Nikademis wastes no time after the massive drop, bringing it right back into the lyrical chorus for only a 16-bar build up to the second. Keeping the same energy as before, he reprises the countermelody from the original song into a lead, offering both new and familiar territory for the listener. The track leads out with the signature stylings of Mike Shinoda, putting the finishing touches on an already incredible song.

Creating a good remix is always a tall order, and this especially holds true for a certified double platinum song by one of the most loved bands of all time. However, Nikademis pulled it off gracefully by creating a great homage to “Burn It Down” without taking away from what made the original such a hit.

Be sure to keep up with everything Nikademis has coming this year via the links below, as it's shaping up to be his best year yet!

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