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Nitepunk Owns the Nite with His New “Flow”

Article by: Morgan Gallaher

Lasha, aka Nitepunk, has just released his new track “Flow” from HARD Recs. This pulse-raising song takes you to an alternate reality. Finding the passion to remix songs at the age of 15, Nitepunk has made tremendous progress over the past nine years.

Coming all the way from Georgia (not the state, but the country in Eurasia), Nitepunk planted his roots in the United States in 2015, and it has done numbers for his career. This track shows off his hard work by taking you to the “nite” life of dubstep. “Flow” gives the perfect amount of breaks and bass, which just goes to show Lasha is willing and able to switch things up.

The song fades into the beauty that is the female vocals, luring you deeper into the track. Dropping you into a world full of the strobing neon lights of nightlife, the bass kicks in for a brief moment before smoothly sending you to the drop. From here, you lose yourself into the rhythm of good ol’ dubstep. But seriously, the amount of perfectly distorted bass and rhythmic patterns provide the listener with serotonin for the ear’s sound buds. After another smooth transition which leads into the second drop, the song ends, leaving you thirsty for more of Nitepunk’s “Flow.”

From his most streamed song on Spotify, “Deadman,” to production and release of “Flow,” Nitepunk has really shown his ability to create something new. His ever-evolving musical style leaves listeners to keep an ear out for the new Nitepunk with expectations of big things from him in the future.

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