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Nitti Gritti and RUNN Combine For Melodic Bass Heater “Where I Belong”

Article by: Christian Langston

Nitti Gritti is arguably one of the most versatile artists releasing music. According to Spotify, his 20 releases last year spanned 13 separate genres, including Dubstep, R&B, Jazz, and more. Now, he brings back the melodic vibes from his All In EP with “Where I Belong,” featuring RUNN. You can catch it live now, on Proximity.

“Where I Belong” is a beautifully heavy tune reminiscent of some Illenium and Porter Robinson influences. Headlined by RUNN’s stellar vocals, the song pulls you in right from the start. Amazing songwriting paired with dense vocal layers leads the listener right into the drop, giving an emotional and energetic release. The heavy bass and waterfalling arpeggio compliment each other nicely, leaving the listener ready for more.

Nitti Gritti has a habit of taking whatever he does and making it fun and fresh, with “Where I Belong” being no exception. This song has everything you could want wrapped up in one: heavy drums, ethereal synths, exquisite songwriting, and more. RUNN was the perfect vocalist for this project as well, really driving home the song as a whole.

With such a strong start to 2021, we can expect Nitti Gritti to continue his domination from the previous years. Coming off the heels of a Grammy nomination, he is surely ready to take this year by storm. Below you can listen to “Where I Belong” and keep up to date with everything Nitti Gritti and RUNN have coming!

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Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok


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