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NotLö and VEIL Blast Off with Their Exoplanet EP

Article by: Ryan Hood

Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label has not been skimping on the collaborative EPs lately, and NotLö and VEIL’s two-track Exoplanet EP might be the best to date, combining NotLö’s incredible groove with VEIL’s signature deep bass sound.

While NotLö is characterized by her 140bpm releases, the eponymous first track is a half time masterpiece. NotLö and VEIL utilize a punishing drum pattern and a plethora of FX, giving the track incredible depth. The bass soon takes over, delivering incredible groove. The bass and percussion work perfectly together, and coupled with FX on the high end paint an incredible auditory soundscape. The second part of the song features an even more punishing and distorted bass synth that maneuvers carefully around the percussion. The song is a fantastic display of each producer’s skill in sound design.

“Someday” starts ominously, using a rising shaker-like sound, robotic vocals, and ambient FX to create sinister ambiance. The percussion kicks in, accompanied by a low bass synth and extraterrestrial FX. This song should be playing during a dark, twisted alien movie. Each bass synth is so unique and contributes to the evil tone of the track.

Exoplanet is carefully crafted and shows just how talented these two women are. VEIL is a signature curator of her own, heading her Street Ritual label. NotLö has taken the deep dubstep community by storm, and previously released on the specially curated label Deep, Dark, and Dangerous.

Keep up with the latest from VEIL and NotLö using the links below, and follow along with Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat and Moon Tvnes From Outer Space playlists on Spotify for all of this weekend’s fresh bangers.

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