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Noya & SomeDieYoung Collab Again and the Result is “SCRW’D UP”

Article by: Patrick Egan

SCRW’D UP” is the second collaboration from Noya and SomeDieYoung, and it released on Warpaint Records. With the lyrical help of LVNKY and Control, they bring you a combination of upbeat, in-your-face, hybrid bass music and hip-hop. The kicks and heavy bass take control as the upbeat drop draws listeners in.

The single is a testament to those that feel forgotten and ignored; Noya and SomeDieYoung encourage their listeners to take action and carve their own path in the world, even if some people don't support it. This new single follows up the previous collaboration between Noya and Somedieyoung, "Black 'N' Blue" featuring Gravity, which was released October 2020.

SomeDieYoung discussed the process of making the track and the idea for it was first conjured up five years ago:

“This is a fresh new track that hits you in the feels of understanding the grind it takes

to get from Studio [to a finished track].

"We woke up every morning at 7am and worked for 16 hours, then writing and

composing. Finally Noya comes in and gives it a fucking soul, while adding his

signature and taking an idea that was drafted and understanding the exact thing it


"Seriously, we made five songs in four days. I had them writing while I made [beats].

I would make a carbon copy, they would go outside, write together, come back with

gold, we record it and I'd finish. That week was my dream, and I'll never forget it.

"We played a live show at Avalon with Getter.”

To catch the release and stay up to date with Noya and SomeDieYoung, check out the links below.

CONNECT with Noya:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

LISTEN to Noya:

Spotify | SoundCloud

CONNECT with SomeDieYoung:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

LISTEN to SomeDieYoung:

Spotify | SoundCloud

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