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Odd Language Releases Staggering New Single “Rockin”

Article by: Christian Langston

With a quick turnaround from his previous single, “Disconnect,” Odd Language is back with some more heat. “Rockin” is everything we’ve come to expect from him, showcasing his heavy basslines and unique sound design.

“Rockin” wastes no time bringing the spark. Opening with some grimey glitch sounds and jungle inspired drums, Odd Language puts his genre bending stamp on this one early. He brings in an ear catching vocal hook, moving into an energy charged build section. The pounding drums and gritty guitar push the power into a heavy drop.

After a short break section, “Rockin” pushes back into a second drop. While still a unique section, Odd Language is able to marry the sound to the first climax. The rough basses and punchy drums make this song a perfect addition to any high energy setlists. After one more breakdown, the listener is greeted with another distinctive drop before riding out.

Odd Language has already taken this year by storm. “Rockin” is a testament to his talent and hard work, and it's easy to see why people are taking notice. His ability to write a track that feels fresh in the current state of dance music makes him a top artist to watch moving forward. We expect to hear “Rockin” many more times as we approach festival season. You can listen to its entirety, and check out everything Odd Language has coming up this year, using the links below!

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