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OHMYGi’s Bilingual Bass Banger Spells “I'm Danger” for the Status Quo

Article by: Annalee ‘Alee’ Noel

Chilean-born artist OHMYGi, Gisela Lindhorst, dropped “I’m Danger,” on November 26, preceding her upcoming album Danger in Pink, releasing on Matter of Taste. The bilingual banger is a blend of her native Spanish and recently learned English with heavy basslines and ripping lyrics. Coupled with thundering drums and a melodic arrangement that adds depth, OHMYGi expresses her point of view on female oppression and holding space for awareness to have “each one [of] us play their active role” in the community.

The 27-year-old standout producer channeled powerful female role models from her life to manifest a track which strives to repair the social perception of being a woman in today’s society by asserting a woman is as essential to the world as oxygen or gravity. In her own words OHMYGi said “women are divine beings who strive to find balance between love and care while avoiding divisions between sex, race, gender and religion.” This perfectly captivates the aim of her brand and persona as an artist and the shape of her upcoming album Danger in Pink.

OHMYGi also dropped a short mixtape on SoundCloud featuring “I’m Danger” to further showcase her vision within her realm. The upcoming YouTube music video, dropping December 10, was shot during the pandemic adding an additional complication for filming. In the fictional world of “La Perrera,” translated as the kennel, we can watch OHMYGi’s complex storytelling unfold. She chose the location “Perrera Arte,” a cultural experimental center in the heart of Santiago de Chile.

Transitioned from an abandoned dog pound, the video features harsh visuals of graffiti and darkly shot scenes posing as an apocalyptic world. The actors portray captive “leaders, warriors, and heroines” whose mission is to “awaken society from darkness” within the pandemic portrayed dually as an intellectual and lethal virus. With styling reminiscent of early Lady Gaga and fantastic cinematography, OHMYGi illustrates just how far her creative vision goes.

In her own words, OHMYGi describes her aim for the characters' portrayal as “away from the sun and moonlight, knowing being captive is a waste of their healing potential, frustrating their vision of justice. The darkness surrounding them manages to strengthen the reign of evil. With each day passing their powers suffer from exhaustion until they lose their own identity and hope of humanity.”

When OHMYGi arrives, she is there to liberate not only the prisoners, but also, herself. On a more personal note she added:

“We cannot remain caged by letting our youth, days and lives go while being limited by mental fears, lack of opportunities or social injustices. We have the power to write our history if we have the necessary willpower and self-control; even more we have creativity that allows us to leave a trace of our change in the same act. The final message lies in the fact that to build a better society; we must play an active role independently and in a group. Both are necessary to integrate permanent changes in our humanity.”

The few outdoor scenes were actually completed in California’s Old Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park once back in America after the Chilean lockdown. This added challenge delayed the initial release of her project but nonetheless OHMYGi has been officially launched and will continue to impress. Use the links below to connect and listen to OHMYGi.


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