OK. Kevin Better Than OK On Newest Single “Tension”

Article by: Kate Nelson

OK. Kevin certainly did better than OK on “Tension,” his latest track released on Nova Lotus Records. Hailing from South Carolina, OK. Kevin, aka Kevin McVicker, has garnered attention from renown artists such as Blanke, Eliminate, and DMVU. In an interesting start to his career, OK. Kevin started making music in 2015 on a Navy submarine, and in five years he has supported acts like Bear Grillz and MUST DIE! OK. Kevin’s dubstep mid-tempo blend has brought him success, like with his songs “Hush” and “Hysteria.”

In perhaps his darkest track to date, “Tension” opens with sirens and a catchy bassline. Gorgeous vocals by fellow Nova Lotus artist, Lotis, accompany an intense build, leading to a dystopian dubstep drop. OK. Kevin produces other engaging electronic elements to combine for a trip of dark wubs and intense fun.

“Tension” is a moody hit to close out the summer of 2020. It’s gloomy, but benefits from high energy sound, which seems fitting for the world around us right now. Lotis’s haunting vocals contribute just the right amount of eerie feelings, while completely capturing the listener’s attention. It’s the perfect collaboration of two talented Nova Lotus artists, and while the song title is “Tension,” the track itself is a dark harmony that knocks it out of the park. OK. Kevin is one to keep your eye, and an ear on, in the near future.

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