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Ookay Enjoying his "Weekends" Ahead of Sophomore Album

Article by: Sam Wolloch

The multi-talented musician Ookay is back with “Weekends,” another catchy single from his second full-length album set to release later this year. This follows up on last month’s successful release of “Deep With Me,” the first track from this upcoming album.

“Weekends” is a fun pop tune and a love song of sorts. Ookay’s singing and songwriting is front and center on this track, and goes to show the artist’s creativity and storytelling. “People have really different lives, as they should,” Ookay shares. “This song is about a girl who has a different life than I do, and we try to make it work...even if I’m busy sleeping.”

Ookay has grown his skill set in recent years, and is a more well-rounded artist now than the young DJ was when he dropped his ageless classic “Thief.” He showcases his musical ability with a wide range of instrumentation from piano and guitar, to trombone and drums. On top of that, Ookay writes and sings his own songs, giving them a fun, pop-tinged feel.

Fans of the San Diego native should be getting excited for a few more sweet treats from Ookay’s sophomore album before the full release, so be sure to use the links below to stay connected for all his latest news and music. Don’t forget to check out Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist, featuring “Weekends” as well as many other hot new tunes now streaming on Spotify.

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