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ORBIT Artist Spotlight: Bobby Duque

Spotlight by: Sam Wolloch

The spotlight shines brightly on our next ORBIT artist BOBBY DUQUE (Doo-KAY), an experienced electronic music producer now working out of Las Vegas, Nevada. A colorful personality indeed, Duque rocks half a head of long blue locks along with a stylish fedora, and has been making waves in the EDM scene for most of the last decade. With roots in rock and metal, Duque successfully blends those influences with a poppy dubstep flair to create engaging music for fans to enjoy.

The past year has been something of a renaissance for Duque, releasing a ton of new music with moving melodies, danceable drops, and catchy vocals. His most recent track “Can’t Let You Go,” a collaboration with Gas Beatz featuring Dani Jay which came out April 24, is a polished, feel-good, festival-ready bop for sure. Then on Easter, Duque picked up the pace, dropping a riveting remix of MONӒVA’s single “Playing with Fire” and discussed it with 1001Tracklists.

The local Las Vegas label and collective FVYDID, pronounced faded, has featured Duque on its three most recent compilations: “Set if Off” featuring Man 3 Faces on Vol. 12; the Orphin collab “Kill Me” on Vol. 13; and “Habits & Control” on Vol. 14, a new song with Merdix Antwinette and JackEL. Duque also produced Square One, an impressive three song EP on Impossible Records in 2019.

There is plenty to enjoy about Duque outside of the music, too. For all the dog lovers, he maintains an Instagram account for his dog Stitch @pupnamedstitch, with some truly adorable photos of the little pupper. And for the food aficionados, Duque shares his eating exploits with full episodes on YouTube as BOB-O and delicious pictures on IG @foodingwithbobo. Be warned, don’t browse pics of a smiling breakfast, a huge vegan taco, or a delectable dessert on an empty stomach.

Duque has toured across South America, Japan, and North America, and played festivals like Lights All Night and SnowGlobe, so he is more than ready to bring his skills to the ORBIT Virtual Experience Benefiting Feeding America on Friday, May 8. We are very excited to have Bobby Duque play a part in this charity live stream.

Stay connected with Bobby Duque on Twitter @bobbyduque; Instagram @bobbyduque; and Facebook @BobbyDuqueMusic. Check out his music on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube.

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