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ORBIT Artist Spotlight: R3LL

Spotlight by: Sam Wolloch

A pioneer of the modern Jersey Club movement, the Newark native R3LL has been turning heads in the electronic dance music community with his impressive collection of hip hop remixes, original EPs, and energetic live performances. Now living in Los Angeles, R3LL continues to progress as a DJ and producer with his club-night Certified, all while scoring headlining tours in Europe and Japan and growing support of innovative Jersey Club music.

After gaining recognition with his creative club remixes as an original member of the Brick Bandits collective in Newark, R3LL released his first EP, Directions and received rave reviews. Building on this success, R3LL moved out west and signed to Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, developing his signature Jersey Club style on his next EP, Visions. R3LL doubled down on his New Jersey roots with his third EP, featuring a slew of NJ artists on A JERZ Love Story.

Reuniting with KiFF from the track “All 2 You” on Visions, R3LL’s recent release,

Be So Bad” with Shurland, is another step forward advancing his futuristic club music. In speaking with Complex, R3LL says he wanted to "push the Jersey Club sound forward in a way where I can create a lane that I had my own identity but still hold the feels of the music I grew up with."

R3LL has definitely put in the work, with a slew of sophisticated remixes to hip hop hits and club bangers like Roddy Rich’s “The Box,” Cardi B’s “Press,” Arianna Grande’s “Break Up, Im Bored,” and BTS’s “All Night” with fellow ORBIT artist WEST END. Staying true to his word, R3LL recently shared the evolution of his Jersey Club production using Doja Cat’s vocals to create a track on his Twitch feed and then uploaded it to his Youtube channel.

With his club-banging and booty-bouncing music, R3LL is sure to get our listeners moving to his Jersey Club set for the ORBIT Virtual Experience Benefiting Feeding America Friday May 8.

Follow R3LL on Twitter @itsR3LL; on Instagram @itsr3ll; and on Facebook @itsR3ll.

Check out his music on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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