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ORBIT Artist Spotlight: Who Are Ya?! BARDZ

Story by: Angelo Maffei

For fans of electronic dance music shows and live performances, it’s time to get to know Tyler Bardzilowski, the creative genius known as BARDZ, and what better way than asking Who Are Ya?!

A multi-faceted live performer, producer, and instrumentalist, BARDZ is known for creating original songs that incorporate live guitar, drums and vocals. Taking inspiration from artists such as Pink Floyd, The Glitch Mob, and Odesza, his sound is melodic and quite unique, with a passion one can see in his performances.

Originally from Southern California, Tyler grew up listening to his father’s tape and cd collections and learned to sing and play the guitar at a young age. He especially enjoyed creating and playing guitar solos, stemming from his love of classic rock. It wasn’t until he moved to Phoenix to attend Arizona State University that he became truly engrossed by electronic music, and soon after he started producing EDM, reintroducing his singing and songwriting talents of the past.

Now one can find BARDZ shredding on the guitar, playing the drums, and singing out loud during his live and original performances. Having shared the stage with the likes of Deadmau5, Illenium, Said The Sky and many more, BARDZ is a name that’s ready for the bright lights of the big stage.

Lately, with the COVID-19 pandemic putting the brakes on the live music industry, artists have been forced to take their talents to other spaces. BARDZ has been spending a lot of time in the studio, producing something he calls ‘bit x bit,’ a style of production where the music is sequentially created by playing individual elements of a song, looping them, and altering them in real-time. Check out a sample of it on his twitter below and click through to his youtube channel to listen to the finished product - it’s genuinely awesome!

Recently, BARDZ released a few different noteworthy tracks: a remix of Champagne Drip’s “Corners,” a remix of William Black’s “Miss it,” and an original titled “Brighter” featuring Vannah. Coming out soon, be on the lookout for B-sides Part 1, a two-track EP dropping May 13. This series of EPs is written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by BARDZ, including the singing, lyrics, guitar, and all other elements of electronic music production. For any in the know, that is an insane amount of work to handle solo, and the excitement is building to hear the finished product.

BARDZ wants to share an important message to fans who have continuously supported him: “Thank you to everyone who believes in this project. To anyone that's sent a message, met me after a show, told me what the music means to them, etc. It keeps me going, and is why I do it.”

Make sure to catch BARDZ as he performs a 100% original set, with 50% of the set to be unreleased tracks, alongside many other talented artists on the ORBIT Virtual Experience Benefiting Feeding America livestream May 8.

Stay Connected with BARDZ on Twitter @BardzMusic; Instagram @bardzmusic; and on facebook at Listen to his music on Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud

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