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Pandemic Dropout

Story by: Sam Wolloch

The Ides of March. Spring Break. Whatever you call it, I've had the 2nd weekend of March circled on my calendar for months.

My entire Electric Zoo crew copped tickets to the sold out Dangerous Waters Tour Jauz planned on Saturday the 14th for the Great Hall at Avant Gardner, the premier warehouse club venue in New York City.

And my most anticipated show of the Winter 2020 season, Ekali's A World Away Tour featured at the legendary Webster Hall on Friday the 13th, for NYC's fine music fanatics. Also a shout out to the Big Apple bass baddies who haven't had their "Awakening", and schemed on Subtronics’ Cyclops Army Tour the same night in Brooklyn at Avant Gardner's mainstage.

An uneasy melancholy swept over me as the Thursday night dance crew simultaneously live streamed the tour sets of Ekali in Boston and Subtronics in Buffalo. We desperately celebrated the music that brings us together in a time when we in New York City are asked to be apart.

Nobody knows when NYC's headline events will be back in action, as widespread postponements including announcements from promoters Made Events and venue Avant Gardner have finally become public knowledge. Organizers, artists, and management are no doubt scrambling behind the scenes, working to handle this unprecedented phenomenon. The local EDM community is on lockdown and the rave family is at a loss.

This weekend's shows are shutdown. After holding out hope for as long as possible, the courageous cajun festival BUKU Project finally followed suit and postponed the event, leaving our epic spring break plans in limbo. The acclaimed Carl Cox will have to reschedule his carefully curated 2-day, 4-room Brooklyn experience planned for the last weekend of March. Who knows when Andy C will be back in NYC?

The music world is reeling! We are forced to cope with the doomed feeling of constant cancellations. While only receiving official word on March events, April quickly approaches with NYC appearances by Griz, Elrow, Space Jesus, and a live band 25th anniversary performance of Nightmares on Wax's Smoker's Delight, in addition to numerous other artists and activities.

During these trying times when the mainstream media adds hype and hysteria to the pandemic of this novel virus, it definitely serves the common good to abide by CDC advice and keep your circles tight. As a part-time resident of the now infamous New Rochelle, proper protocol with washing, hygiene, and touching dominates my thinking in both social situations and forced interactions with others.

I want to be a glass half full person. I hope the March closures our EDM community endures will help to significantly #FlattenTheCurve and lessen the impact of COVID-19. Only time will tell how our world leaders managed the outbreak, with lessons to be learned for generations to come.

Speculation will continue to swirl about the status of the flagship Electric Daisy Carnival event in Las Vegas two months from now, May 15-17. After adding camping while slotting into a cooler spot in the festival calendar before Memorial Day, EDC will prove to be a bellwether for the future of the festival experience as summer news unfolds.

For my part, I will try to stay positive and stay safe. I will continue to spread #PLUR vibes with my family and friends and to stay mindful and meaningful when the opportunities for social interactions present themselves. Time is still our most finite resource, so use it wisely.

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