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[Photo Album] Excision Literally Brought The Heat Last Weekend at Rawhide

Article & Photos by: James Jimenez

Despite the excessive heat warning, the headbangers came out in full force for the Excision shows hosted by Relentless Beats this past weekend at Rawhide Event Center. For many of these ravers, this was their first show back since the shutdowns and there were thousands who flocked into the gates when doors opened. The event was one of the largest bass events in the history of Arizona featuring a stacked lineup of Excision, Sullivan King, Svdden Death, Riot Ten, Boogie T and more! Needless to say, the sun wasn’t going to stop these headbangers from seeing some of their favorite artists again and feeling the bass of the speakers rumble the ground beneath their feet. Rave fams gathered all evening and once again began to enjoy the music and vibes of coming together in person. Each day the Arizona sun began to set and the surplus of DJ talent brought the heat to the stage beyond sundown. Stage lights and lasers illuminated the smiling and dancing attendees, and as the night went on, the people were living in the moments that so many of us have been missing for so long.... until now.

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