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Playa Del Carmen is Playan with Fyre: Departure Festival Cancelled With Attendees Onsite

Article by: Corey Fox

The Departure Festival has been cancelled with all of their attendees onsite and ready to party, according to reports. Pollen, the festival planners who’ve spent countless months planning and the last 10 days building and setting up for this event, just had the rug pulled out from underneath them by the Governor. The event-goers had already booked their flights and hotels, with the majority of them already in Mexico. Some attendees were getting ready at their hotels when the news broke, while others had already started arriving at the venue when they found out the details.

The situation, while unfortunate, is less than dire since the hotels and resorts in this area are gorgeous - a far cry from the destitution of the tent pod crisis that plagued the infamous Fyre Festival. On January 6th, with mandates and Covid policies looming, Departure tried to batten down the hatches and plug the leaks with a single day postponement, pushing the start of the festival to Friday, January 7 in an attempt to keep up with the rapidly spreading Omicron variant and the foreshadowing of cancellations.

You can see their postponement message from IG below:

Once Friday came, so did more of the bad news. Pollen was forced to cancel the entire festival all together, also breaking the unfortunate news on Instagram as seen below:

The good news is, this situation is certainly not a sequel to the Fyre Festival debacle. The attendants of Departure 2022 are reported safe, as of now, and Pollen has also offered a bevy of refunds and credits to make up for the cancellation. Follow @departureofc for more information on the Departure cancellation and refunds.

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