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Playa Ponderosa Is Ready To Light Up Once Again For Pitch-A-Tent 2021

Article by: Nick Lamoureux

Arizona’s premier camping festival, Pitch-A-Tent, returns to Playa Ponderosa in Flagstaff next week from August 13 - 16. After almost two years away, the Pitch-A-Tent Fam is ready to take the experience to the next level, bringing in an assortment of activities and activations throughout the weekend.

Gather your air mattresses, tents, snacks and camping supplies, because at Pitch-A-Tent you are spending four days and nights in the WOODS of Flagstaff. As someone who has attended the event, and was underprepared for camping in general, make sure you plan with your resourceful friends to ensure surviving the weekend.

Now admittedly those who know me will tell you that I am not a camper, but if I could rough it in the woods for Pitch-A-Tent weekend, then I am sure experienced campers will have no troubles. Pitch-A-Tent, to this day, is the most fun I have ever had while spending time in the woods, disconnected from the rest of the world for a while.

The event hosts tons of activities like health and wellness workshops, creative arts, comedy shows, fire spinners and silent discos, but for me the most fun part of the experience was hanging with the Pitch-A-Tent FAM. To this day, the best memory I have of DJing was in a camper that night and into the early morning, dropping Zhu's hit “In The Morning” and seeing everyone in the camper going wild. It's these intimate experiences away from everything else that made the event so special for me.

From year one to year five, Pitch-A-Tent was restricted to a small group of friends, but in its 11th year, it expanded to become a full-fledged experience open to all. The 2021 headliners include some stellar names such as Cazztek, Jaytech, Ardalan, Dustin Zahn, Ekonovah and BARDZ. Tune into some of the Pitch-A-Tent lineup’s Guest Mixes below:

This year also features some awesome partners helping with the event: Moon Lvnding, Bang Techno, Elevate, Don’t Trip Campout, Fvirytale Productions, Tactical Audio, T3chno Pool, Rumble DnB, Self Care Sunday, Sound Life Industries, More Bass, and My Homies Spin Records; each of which is playing a part in bringing awareness to this amazing event.

A full list of the activations can be found below: Workshops: Join us in the activity center for a weekend filled with fun mental health activities, creative arts and entertainment

Health & Wellness: Multiple sessions and forms of yoga spread over 3 days, Mental Health & Nutrition workshop w/ Dr Jess, Movement workshops, Breathwork, Meditation, Sound Healing, Guided hiking

Creative Arts: Flow arts, Body Painting, Learn to Poi/String, Painting with Friends, DIY Dream Catcher workshop, Arts & Crafts workshops

Entertainment: Comedy Show, Silent Disco Parties, Special Performances

Takeovers: Don’t Trip (stage takeover), Tactical Audio (stage takeover), Rumble DnB (stage takeover), Techno Pool & Bang (stage takeover), Self Care Sunday (workshop activity tent), Elevate, Fairytale Productions (stage takeover), My Homies Spin Records (silent disco party),

Special Events: Thursday Night Pre-party with a special headliner to be announced soon. Special takeover events within the festival including Tactical Audio, Rumble dnb, Fvirytale Productions and My Homies Spin Records

Sunday Sunrise w/ Don’t Trip Fam: Breakfast vibes & After Hours

Dr Jess - Quench Vitamin IV: Pre or Rehydrate your body on Saturday or Sunday. Quench IV combats fatigue, detoxes your system, restores essential vitamins, reduces inflammation, & improves circulation. Pre-purchase for time slot, limited supplies *This is not included with the festival ticket - but it is available for purchase on the website*

Glow Yoga: Glow Yoga returns this year - bring your favorite blacklight, UV attire & glow sticks to the activity tent for a special after dark yoga session

Sunday Comedy Show hosted by Bubba & Friends

Tribal Body paint session hosted by Aaron Rockwell

Self Care Sunday hosted by Dru West: join us for over 3 hours of yoga, breathwork, sound healing & conscious activities that will restore your mind and body

String with Legends - Luis & Stacy: former sponsored stringers and glowstick wizards present an interactive workshop guiding participants to learn the basics of Poi & Stringing - advanced stringers welcome for a breakout session with the masters. Bring your own sticks & strings

Build your own Dream Catcher workshop: presented by Wandering Home - supplies provided

Paint with Friends breakout hosted by Ari: Some supplies provided, bring something to paint and join the pack for a mid day arts and crafts painting session in the activity center.

After-After hours: silent disco parties on Sat & Sun in the Activity Center

Megan Pagoda’s Tea Party

Be sure to visit for the most up to date information and ticket sales. And make sure to use the code “MoonLvnding” with you purchase! Connect with Pitch-A-Tent:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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