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Pop Super-Anthem “Call Me Back” by Bella Renee Beautifully Burns All the Bridges with THAT Ex

Article by: Thomas Taylor

The super talented Belle Renee recently released the indie electronic pop anthem “Call Me Back” which is truly an unprocessed, emotional experience new fans and old cannot miss. Bella Renee’s vocals transport the listener through the peaks and valleys at the end of a romantic relationship with the assist from quality Halen Bouhadana production. Never before has a break-up track been so singable to everyone.

The singer-songwriter spreads her magic across the track, weaving in the heart-warming tale of a person ready to move on from the chaos of an on-again, off-again relationship. Bella Renee’s final verse “Remember when I said that i’ll be waiting for you? … it’s far too late now that I lied awake for you... all these years, I was hoping that you’d come back to me…” Is delivered with such raw passion that is tempered by Bella Renee’s incredible vocal range.

The swelling soundscape of the track encourages toe-tapping listening and lends an aura of melancholy to a very pretty breakup jam. As Atwood magazine put it in a recent interview with Bella Renee, “More than just another in a line of thousands of manufactured Instagram pop stars — Bella Renee’s music and style contain a ferocity and a strength that propels it forward while also driving it deeper.

You cannot miss this singer-songwriter’s first release of many this year, tweet her and tell her you love the new track "Call Me Back." Stay tuned to Bella Renee’s socials below for many more releases in 2021.

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