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[Premiere] RadioRadio Gettin' "Jiggy" Wit It on New EP Side A

Article by: Sam Wolloch

New York City native Blake Hotwagner is ready to take his music production to the next level, and that is exactly what he does with his latest project, a three-track EP Side A under his bass music alias RadioRadio. Blake has been evolving his production skills since 2014, and has experience working as a commercial musician as well as a multi-genre DJ at some of NYC’s hottest electronic music venues. This new EP, Side A, serves as a bold announcement that RadioRadio is ready to bring the bass to the masses through the burgeoning local label Obskure.

Moon Lvnding is proud to bring you the premiere of the EP’s first track “Jiggy,” a throwback to the 1997 Will Smith classic “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.” With the 2020 dubstep remake though, RadioRadio isn’t even giving you the choice - you “gotta get jiggy wit it!” He certainly builds the mood, with sirens blaring as he samples the vocal refrain ahead of the first memorable drop. Instead of leaning into the bass, RadioRadio masterfully distorts the sound and goes in with the wonky wobbles. He also finds creative ways to sample different parts of the lyrics, as listeners can’t help but get “Jiggy” with this catchy tune.

RadioRadio and Obskure have also shared this EP with The Festival Finesser for the premiere of “Ready” and Headbang Society for the premiere of “Sip.” All three tracks are heavy-hitting dubstep bangers and if Side A is a preview of what’s to come, then there is a very bright future in store for RadioRadio and the newest EP release on Obskure. Make sure to give a follow to stay up to date with RadioRadio and Obskure, and use this fanlink to stream the EP Side A.

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