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Preview: Phantoms at Shady Park

Written by: Kale Ryan

This Friday the 13th, Shady Park is bringing the duo Phantoms to Tempe, Arizona and they’re sure to make you feel all the feels and get your body movin’ and groovin’. Blessing us with their Disconnected Tour, Phantoms will give the audience an experience that’s going to be both groovy, and emotional.

Abandoning their career of acting, Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola dove into the world of EDM making a name for themselves by debuting their first official album “Phantoms” in 2017. The coolest thing to notice in the majority of their songs is their use of synthesizers and drum machines that give listeners that “underground” 80’s vibe while keeping the house alive. A few songs you won’t want to miss from this album is “Been Here Before,” “Just A Feeling,” and a personal favorite, their own rendition of Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine.”

“Disconnected” really goes out on the brim giving you a diverse taste in sound. “Say it” featuring Anna Clendening, and “Are You Up” featuring Shaylen gives the listener more of an upbeat pop vibe while “5 AM” has a slower, alternative hip hop feel to it. But wait, circle back around to those 80’s synth sounds and take a listen to “Won't Be Here Forever” and “Hold on (Can’t Slow Down)” to get those feet tapping, heads bobbing, and that feel-good energy flowing. Saving the best for last, make sure you give “Designs For You” a listen. With the album being released just this year, its managed to make it to #4 on their most played songs on Spotify and will surely climb its way up even more.

Supporting the duo are well known locals Ghost Effect and Kenny Oliver. Make sure to get there in time to show them some love! Having experienced both DJ’s sets on different occasions, they know how to keep the crowd going and longing for more of their music. You can catch their material on SoundCloud if you want to give yourself a little taste!

See you under the Shady Park trees!

You won’t want to miss this….. Gnome sayin’?

Give this link a tap to get those tickets:

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