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Pristine Desert Dweller Album Breath Receives a Second Remix Release

Article By: Trevor Di Carlo

Pioneers of the world movement of tribal bass, Desert Dwellers, a duo consisting of Amani Friend and Trevor Moontribe, garnered the support from producers around the world to build a downtempo rendition of their 2019 album Breath. This is the second remix revisit, titled Breath Re-Imagined Vol 2, out now on Sofa Beats.

Furthering their tradition of evolving a diverse array of music and advancing their global sound, Desert Dwellers invited international producers like Coss & Iorie, Luca Bacchetti, Unders, Rapossa, Nhii to contribute, as well as American producers, The Invisible People (aka An-Ten-Nae), Bosa, and Forever & Ever for this meticulous mix.

The second release is seasoned with world beats and folkloric house that sheds light on Breath’s dreamy ethereal landscapes. Tracks “Closed Eyes In A Dust Storm” (Coss & Iorie Black Sand Mix), “To Be The Air” (Rapossa Remix), “Traversing the Endless Road” (BOSA Remix), and “At Last, Our Refuge” (The Invisible People Remix) pave the way to the folkloric house side of this immersive sound experience. The Invisible People’s remix of “At Last, Our Refuge” in particular, carries such a vibrant woodland string melody entangled with blissful nature sound samples, possessing the power to carry you away to the immersive world Desert Dwellers created with Breath.

Diving into the more tribal side of this mix, featuring drums and ritualistic beats, are tracks "One That Shows The Way" (Unders Remix), "Dreams Within A Dream" (Nhii Remix), and :Realms Of Splendor" (Roderic Remix). 

Breath closed out the duo’s elemental themed four part LP series. The first installments arrived in 2006, Flames and Waves. Then in 2009 they followed up with Roots. With this decades old project coming to a conclusion, be sure to keep your eyes out for the next immersive world Desert Dwellers conjures up. 

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