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QUIET BISON Drops Eclectic New Track “Waiting For You” On Ultra Records

Article by: Christian Langston

For his first release of the year, out now on Ultra, QUIET BISON delivered the goods, “Waiting For You” with wilo wilde. “Waiting For You” is a diverse blend of Indie-electronic and his signature experimental sound. Showcasing light synths and heavy basslines, the track is sure to be a fan favorite.

Opening with dreamy retro synths and guitar, “Waiting For You” is a perfect base for wilo wilde to display her vocals. The introduction of crushing drums and vintage sound is reminiscent of music from times gone by. The listener becomes so engulfed in the soundscape and lyrics, that the peak of the track comes as a jolting surprise.

The drop rushes in with a booming 808 and extremely syncopated saw stabs. The rhythmic non-congruence keeps the listener uneasy, while still grooving and driving the track forward. Once again, it is brought back to calm for another verse, before building up for another drop. The juxtaposition between the verse and drop sections offers a sense of tension and release; taking fans on a journey through the song.

“Waiting For You” highlights what makes QUIET BISON such a talent to be reckoned with. His blend of songwriting and experimental sound design puts him in a world all his own. Choosing to put wilo wilde on this track elevates it even further, putting it at the forefront of music for this summer.

Be sure to listen to “Waiting For You” and keep up to date with QUIET BISON using the links below!


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