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Quiet Bison Returns From Hiatus with Fresh New Track “High Like This”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Marking the end of a brief creative hiatus, Quiet Bison rushes back to the forefront of emerging electronic talent with his melodically glitchy new single “High Like This“ featuring rapper Reo Cragun. “High Like This” is available now via Ultra Music.

Following his breakthrough debut EP Trials and Tribulations, Quiet Bison captured the attention of the entire industry. Furthering his ascent into the fantastic world of avant-garde production, Quiet Bison blurs the lines between hip-hop and experimental electronic music with his latest track. “High Like This” transcends listeners into a cerebral setting meshing together psychedelic bravado with Reo Cragun’s infectious vocal power.

Quiet Bison commented, “I could talk about the technical side of making this song, but I really want to take this time to say that working on it with Reo was really inspiring and I owe a lot to him for making this song something special. Thank you to Reo for being you.”

Follow Quiet Bison and Reo Cragun on social media to keep up with what they've got cooking behind the scenes. Keep your eyes peeled for Quiet Bison's forthcoming album that's for sure gonna send waves through the scene.

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