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QUIX Teams Up With Jaden Michaels For Drum & Bass Single “Make Up Your Mind”

Article by: Christian Langston

Everyone’s favorite Kiwi is back with a hot new DnB track! “Make Up Your Mind” is QUIX’s second collaboration with Jaden Michaels; the first being his 2018 track “Giving Up.” “Make Up Your Mind” is full of energy, with QUIX’s style written all over it.

“Make Up Your Mind” opens immediately with Jaden Michaels’ vocals, supported by sparse drums and nostalgic synths. It quickly leads into an epic breakdown-buildup combo, dropping into a heavy reese bass and saw chords. The pounding DnB drums keep the listener dancing, waiting for more.

The second verse enters with a full kit, shining the light on Jaden’s vocals once again. It breaks into a cinematic atmosphere, before transitioning into an absolutely massive build. It drops once again, releasing all the energy it had built up.

“Make Up Your Mind” takes QUIX’s signature style and pushes it into a whole new monster. With Drum & Bass becoming more and more popular, expect to hear this track all around the world this summer. You can keep up with QUIX and stream “Make Up Your Mind” using the links below, and check out “Make Up Your Mind” and more on our New Music Friday Heat Playlist!


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