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R3HAB Keeps the Music Coming with “Ones You Miss”

Article by: Christian Langston

R3HAB is one of the most consistent and prolific artists currently releasing music. He already has 60 (yes, SIXTY) releases this year, including original music, remixes, covers, and collabs. His newest track, “Ones You Miss,” raises that total again, ensuring his listeners never run out of new music. Along with much of his music, this one is released on his own label, CYB3RPVNK.

“Ones You Miss” is an infectious pop-house track led by a catchy vocal. The emotional lyrics paired with a light instrumental make this one a very easy listen. The drop introduces a reprise of the vocal melody with a deep bassline and full drums, making you want to dance and sing along.

“Ones You Miss” is a track that has the potential for radio play, and will likely find a place in many DJs’ sets moving forward. Besides being a catchy new tune, it is also a meaningful one for R3HAB:

“At the end of a year, we look back and celebrate milestones, but the memories that mean the most to me are always the special moments with my family, friends and fans. I want this song to let the people I love know about it. I can't wait to be with them again”

As it stands, R3HAB shows no signs of stopping the deluge of releases. It wouldn’t be surprising to see another one closer to New Years, but until then enjoy “Ones You Miss” and all his other 2020 tracks. You can find them below!


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