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‘R3HAB’ Through Music with Alida in “One More Dance”

Article by: Morgan Gallaher

R3HAB and Alida have come together for a fire track, “One More Dance,” out now through R3HAB’s record label CYB3RPVNK. This label is one to keep an eye out for because of its artists’ diversity and inclination to bring a multitude of new styles together as one.

Both of these artists combine their styles of music for a beautiful melody that sends your soul flying. That both artists started their careers in the early 2000s has given them time to perfect an art of music that gives you goosebumps. It is super exciting to see how far this label has come already and to imagine what it will bring in the future. CYB3RPVNK prides itself on bringing in new artists and helping grow the community, and is currently hosting a remix contest accepting submissions through November 14th. 

The track fades in with the angelic voice of Alida, who lures you into the main chorus and then a soft drop where R3HAB’s skills come into play. The combination of female vocals and synths really brings out the clubby house vibes and makes you want to close your eyes and ride the waves of the music. Bringing you back to the chorus, Alida and R3HAB do an amazing job of making you feel alive before the song fades out.

"'One More Dance'" is about the power of music, which is able to distract you from your pain and to build your courage to overcome your everyday problems. It also works like a drug, that lets you stay in a fantasy for a little bit longer, so press play and get lost in one more dance and get the strength to face whatever situation you're dealing with." - R3HAB

I know what you’re thinking – Damn, I really want to listen to this song now – and you’re right, you should. R3HAB and Alida came together to create art and with “One More Dance” they did just that.


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