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R3LL Drops Newest Single "Be So Bad" ft. Shurland and Kiff

Written By: Nick Lamoureux

One of the pioneers of Jersey Club music, R3LL has dropped his newest single, "Be So Bad" on COMPLEX in collaboration with Shurland and Kiff.

This new track from R3LL pushes the traditional Jersey Club sound with a futuristic club sound. The song is a straight booty bouncing sound that is guaranteed to get the ladies in the club getting downright nasty!

This is just personal opinion but I love the lyrics in this song. It's about a fella shooting his shot at some beautiful women, and not missing!

"Imma shoot my shot, I don't miss!" - "Shorty why don't you get nasty up on that poll?" - "Hit it from the back, oh, oh, why you want to be so bad?"

R3LL says that. "'Be So Bad' is a collaboration with two artists by the name of Kiff & Shurland. It stems from the Jersey Club culture but with a more melodic/futuristic style." He goes on to say that, "on top of that, we have KiFF on the vocals singing and rapping to the BADDEST girl at the event & talks about how they would be a good match together, etc."

If you are a club DJ then this track is an absolute must-have in your next set list. This track premiered on COMPLEX.COM this morning!

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