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Ranger Trucco Releases Highly Anticipated Debut EP Tiffany On Space Yacht

Article by: Christian Langston

Ranger Trucco is premium, fresh, and here to stay with his debut two-song EP Tiffany, cosigned by Space Yacht. With a release on Night Bass as well, be sure that every song from Ranger is going to be a heater. Tiffany is a tech-house masterpiece wrapped in the swagger of a hip-hop album with its two tracks: “Tiffany” and “FTP.”

The title track is exactly what you want from a house banger. The groove never ends, making you want to get up and dance wherever you are. Add in the heavy bassline and Ranger’s catchy vocal lines and you’ve got a song that is sure to go off wherever you play it. “FTP” follows up nicely, keeping the same badass attitude from “Tiffany.” Another instance of swinging drums with a thumping bassline, these two tracks belong together. The vocal in “FTP” exudes confidence, so don’t be shocked to have it stuck in your head for weeks.

Tiffany is a unique EP that keeps the old school roots of house music as it offers a refreshing departure from them. This is one of the most danceable releases of the year; it will receive ample playtime in playlists and sets throughout the scene. Ranger Trucco knocked this one out of the park, and he shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

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