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Recap: Markus Schulz at Shady Park

Shady Park in Tempe welcomed trance DJ and electronic music producer Markus Schulz with open arms and a pleasantly crowded venue.

Following the release of his newest song “I Need Love”, Schulz has been making his way around the world, making especially sure to stop in Arizona and visit where it all began for him. Bringing in a crowd that blended new trance heads with the previous generation of trance lovers, guests of the show sneaked closer and closer to the front of the stage as 12:30am approached.

When Markus touched the turntable, the crowd immediately went wild with excitement, myself included. He opened his set up with his newest track “I Need Love”. It was an amazing introduction to the rest of the night as he crafted stories for all of those who attended. Hips swayed, heads bobbed, and the crowd moved in unison to the rhythm.

The visuals on the screen behind him weaved in and out of one another with rays of violet, blues of various shades, reds and fuschia.

His set included popular pop songs made famous by Coldplay, 5 Seconds of Summer, the Killers, and Pink. This show definitely had a bit of everything for everybody. I think the most notable songs of the night however, was the tactful and artistic blend of Bad Wolves cover of Zombie (as originally made famous by the Cranberries) and Fat Boy Slims Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.

I got the chance to speak with a few people after the show to get their thoughts on their experience. One gentleman stated that the show Markus put on “moved him to no end”. According to him, he was actually going to miss the show, but happened to get lucky with a friend selling his ticket for him to go. He said he was infinitely glad he didn't miss it.

I definitely understood where he was coming from that regard!

Another person I spoke to was extremely excited that she attended. “I got to see his set earlier this year at Ultra! When I heard he was coming to AZ I had to go! I wouldn’t miss him for the world!” Needless to say, afterwards she mentioned how much her hips hurt from dancing so much.

If you were not able to attend the show, my heart goes out to you! Markus Schulz proves to be yet again, one of the world’s best DJs.

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