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Redrum Trades in Her Witchy Wubs and Brews a Spectacular Downtempo Potion on 'Pisces Moon' EP

Article by: Ryan Hood [ @SpacedOutRy (twitter) / @Ryanhood55 (Instagram) ]

The witching hour is upon us, as Redrum has brewed a perfect downtempo potion with her latest EP Pisces Moon, out now on Sskwaan.

Pisces Moon deviates from Redrum’s usual bass-driven sound in the best possible way. This EP utilizes organic FX and dancing toplines, creating an almost out-of-this-world feeling for the listener.

“Divine” is one of my favorite songs in Redrum’s entire discography. The song utilizes an organic-sounding melodic topline, almost reminiscent of a xylophone. The melody does behave similarly to percussion, as the topline and kick drum dance together in rhythmic harmony. The kick follows the same rhythmic pattern as the topline, giving the song an entrancing feel.

In rather stark contrast to “Divine,” “Dreamy” utilizes a trap-style percussive pattern and distorted, airy vocals as the main melody. With ethereal FX sprinkled in and a subdued yet persistent 808 pattern, this song fully encompasses the auditory spectrum, bringing the listener into Redrum’s world. This track is reminiscent of modern wave music, using sustained 808’s, lots of reverb, and trap-inspired percussion.

Her latest single “Floating” is another outstanding example of how Redrum can effectively switch up the flow in any of her tracks. “Floating” begins with effervescent, dreamy vocals and a slow halftime drum pattern. The second “drop” is where this tune truly shines. Redrum sets the percussion to double-time and introduces harmonic topline synths reminiscent of CloZee’s most recent album. For the song’s conclusion, these harmonic synths persist while the percussion is once again half-timed. This track takes the listener on a sonic journey of extraordinary proportions.

“Phases” was the first single from the EP, and is arguably the most experimental song on the EP. This track uses unique one-shot FX and synth stabs as a floating melody repeats throughout the track. The percussion pattern is incredibly unique, using many different percussive sounds in rhythm to drive the song forward.

Redrum has quickly become one of my favorite producers, and this EP feels like the emotional culmination of the hard work she has put into crafting her sound. This EP is an amazing fit on the Sskwaan label as well as it pushes the boundaries of what we know and expect when it comes to downtempo bass music. Keep your eyes peeled for more releases from her and for her name on many festival and show lineups to come.

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