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Rejoice & Rebirth: Cali Bee & Rafa Ariza Reinstate House Culture at Bora Bora in Ibiza

Article by: Greyson Brown

Photo by: Karina Sayas Instagram: @ksayasb

Veteran vocalist Cali Bee and long-time resident DJ Rafa Ariza set a precedent for the return of house music culture to Ibiza on Saturday July 3 at Bora Bora Beach Club. After almost two years of live music being shut down, the two artists joined forces to put on a show once again, while simultaneously showing the world that Ibiza is back.

Their performance consisted of three delightful sets, including house music classics along with more recent tunes. Rafa Ariza’s vivifying beats paired phenomenally with Cali Bee’s soulful multi-octane vocals, as their chemistry on stage created an atmosphere that gathered attention of those even outside the beach club. The importance of this house music production to the local Ibizan population and the global dance music community is significant, as the devastating income and livelihood losses suffered by artists and those working in the live music industry is finally starting to unwind.

During the global pandemic, Cali Bee moved back to Lyon, France in late September 2020 when the second wave arrived, and decided to continue making music. She was present during the 2020 season, however COVID-19 was still prevalent leaving her unable to sing at venues where she previously had performed.

As we all did during the lockdown, she anticipated the return of live music to Ibiza and knew people urgently needed it back in their lives. She described live house music as “nourriture,” food for the mind, body, and soul. Now in July 2021, Cali Bee has officially made her comeback to Ibiza, once again reinvigorating the island with her elegant voice. During her performances, she amusingly engages with the audience by singing to them in the crowd off-stage or encouraging them to sing along.

Cali Bee performs at Bora Bora
Photo by: Karina Sayas Instagram: @ksayasb

Rafa Ariza is a resident DJ spinning tracks and overseeing operations at Bora Bora Beach Club Ibiza. In response to the COVID-19 lockdown and subsequent music industry shutdown, he said the nightlife industry in Ibiza has had to reinvent itself, as well as “recalling the entire nightlife events process.” He also began to work on music during the pandemic, as he is currently gearing up to release new tracks with DSARROLLO Records.

Nevertheless, the Ibizan population stayed resilient and braved out the toughest of times encountered during COVID-19. As Ibiza began to open up, live music events came back. On July 3, we were able to bask in house music once again, as Rafa Ariza rekindled our groove with his vigorous beats.

He describes his music as “more conscious, more meaning, more intention” as he seeks to develop a meaningful, lasting, and pure connection with the listeners to captivate their soul and entrance them with the beat. Now he mainly focuses on the management at Bora Bora including the music and artist details.

Photo by: Karina Sayas Instagram: @ksayasb

Cali Bee and Rafa Ariza displayed phenomenal talent while revitalizing the atmosphere at Bora Bora Ibiza. These two artists are an exceptional example of the talent you will find in Ibiza; our message is to let the world know that Ibiza is here and we are open. This is only the beginning of our re-emergence and rebirth!

Special thanks to the Bora Bora Ibiza media manager Karina Sayas for her work in facilitating our press coverage and capturing pictures of the night so this moment can be treasured for ages. IBIZA IS BACK!

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