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Rezi Kicks Back With Melodic Dubstep Gem “Wannabe”

Article By: Trevor Di Carlo

Ascending from the realm of the underground with his new celestial soundscape “Wannabe,” Rezi harnesses Cami’s ethereal vocals to unite melodic vibes and dubstep grittiness in perfect harmony. The new track received support and was released through Electric Hawk Records.

Rezi was literally born into the electronic dance music scene. His mother, a long time EDM supporter, helped him discover his creative spark. Even before he was known as Rezi, Alek Slon was hard at work in the studio implementing the music production techniques he taught himself at the age of 13. He only began the Rezi project back in 2018, but has already landed with noteworthy singles “Cry For You” and “Last Night.” Rezi teamed with vocalist Cami to deliver on “Wannabe,” adding another banger to Rezi’s library.

“Wannabe” rolls out melodically smooth and vocally charged. Enriched sonic synthesizers seamlessly transition into the chorus, dominated by riveting bouncing bass. Spiced up with Cami’s illustrious vocal samples and shiny risers that harmonize with the deep bass, Rezi’s new single will have listeners begging for more.

Sharing his colorful vision and a limitless portal of imagination, Rezi displays his raw skill and unrelenting production capabilities with this newest gem, “Wannabe.” Bare witness as this rising producer emerges from the depths of the underground to a local venue near you as soon as it is safe.

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