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Road to Hard Asylum

Written By: Elley Neal This Friday, August 2nd at Club Red in Mesa, SDK Events is hosting Road to Hard Asylum.

Every week as we get closer to Friday, the question “what are you doing this weekend?” never fails to pop up. On a Monday, chances are you are not even thinking about your next weekend plans. I mean honestly, it’s a Monday. You wish it still was the weekend!

Tuesday comes and you shrug. Maybe tell the person who asked you, “oh, not sure yet. Might just hang out at home and relax.”

By Wednesday there’s a little pressure to have a game plan. You think somebody invited you to something but you’d have to go on facebook to check and that’s just.. More effort than you are really wanting at that time, right?

Now Thursday is here. You still don’t have a plan, right? You’re mulling over who invited you out (and who you said nah to,), but today is the day that you need a game plan. See, the weekend can be used to relax and stay indoors. Or you can use the weekend to go out and go HARD and. tTake the edge off the previous days of stress and exhaustion.

At least that’s what I’m doing. Corporate America can be difficult. Even more so when you have a quota to adhere to and you’re worried about hitting it but that’s where SDK Events comes in for all of our hardcore needs.

SDK Events listened loud and clear when we all shouted how we couldn’t wait for hard Asylum in September, and gave us one badass present. Road to Hard Asylum is here for us hardcore music lovers as a short bridge leading up to Hard Asylum in September. They always brings the hardest and heaviest styles to the tables and this year is no different!

Pulling in from the local talent pool, we are going to see Arizona’s, Jangles pumping us up with Hardcore, Wisconsin native Lyzz-E with the best of powerstomp, frenchcore and UK Hardcore, and that’s not all! This is one hundred percent not an event to miss and get in touch with some new local sounds you may not have heard before.

I adore our local scene. And as somebody who supported the desert events as for some time, it warms my heart to see some of the underground DJs making their way around. SDK always puts on absolutely amazing events and every time I get the chance, I invite everybody I know.

If you’re interested in checking this event out or the amazing artists that will be attending, check out the links below! Tickets are just $10 and this night is going to be one for the books.

Road to Hard Asylum



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