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Road to Hard Asylum

Written by: Elley Neal The Road to Hard Asylum truly paved the way for hardcore on the streets of Arizona this past weekend, with artists that annihilated our faces.

My squad showed up a little late to the club, walking in right in the middle of Jangles set. He was crushing the decks with some Happy Hardcore, which normally never fails to get me bouncing on the balls of my feet, but Friday, I wasn’t quiet feeling the ultra fast paced bpm. I wanted gritty, hard, and filthy hardcore. You know, something to thrash to.

After Jangles set, the line-up moved to Phox, an artist that has been around the bend for quite some time. Hailing from Chicago, he has taken our scene by storm with his multi-genre blend. He slammed the decks with a fusion of hard dance that definitely had me grooving. Watching more of the crowd come alive to his sound lit a torch in me that was definitely growing as the night progressed.


Up next, Fatal Error formerly known as Disco Stu. Fatal Error has been around for some time in the desert scene, as well as hitting venues such as Bar Smith and Zuma. Every show with Fatal Error means a different sound and this was no different. Watching the crowd hakken to his set was an inspiring visual, one that I fully plan on taking part in next time (as soon as I figure out exactly how to do that dance). The most notable moment of the night however, was his blending of The Offspring’s “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)” in to his set. The crowd absolutely went wild, myself included!

Fatal Error

At this point, we wandered outside to mingle with the crowd and some of the other DJs hanging around outside. Coincidentally, there was a heavy metal show going on at the stage next door, so the crowd was a crazy mix of punks, ravers, and metalheads.

We went back in long enough to catch a seat and let the music take us away. Chiief put on an amazing drum and bass performance and was so humble when I let him know exactly what I thought of his set, and HK ended the night ramping it back up with UK Hardore and Gabber.


At the end of the night, as promised, SDK Events made the big reveal…

Our newest Headliner for Hard Asylum is none other than LADY FAITH!

Those of you may recognize Lady Faith as one of the leading female hardstyle DJs in the American dance scene. She is coming to Arizona to dominate our scene and I can promise it will be worth your time making your way to Hard Asylum.

You can get tickets for Hard Asylum on September 13th here:

To learn more about the artists mentioned in the article, click the links below:


IG: @Chiiefperiod

Twitter: @Chiiefperiod


IG: @WorshipHK

Twitter: @WorkshipHK



Twitter: @deejayjangles

Fatal Error

Soundcloud: jason-dachman

Lady Faith:

IG: @djladyfaith

Twitter: @djladyfaith

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