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SAGZ Bakes Up a Neuro-Bass Banger “Bread Basket”

Article by: Ryan Hood

It’s time to fill up on bread. SAGZ has released his insane new neuro-bass-inspired track “Bread Basket,” and boy is it tasty!

The track opens with some airy yet foreboding synths, previewing the destruction to come. The percussion then kicks in, and it's incredibly punchy, which makes it stand out in the classic breakbeat soundscape the song provides. This is the type of crisp percussion present in many SAGZ tracks, but "Bread Basket" might be his best percussion work to-date.

At the drop, the track sucks the listener in with distorted bass synths carried by a groovy neuro-bass beat. The somewhat erratic nature of the synths coupled with breakbeat drums help this song deliver an incredible punch, all while maintaining a very danceable groove. The synths feel interwoven with the percussion as they both provide the bassy punch and groove that define this song.

"Bread Basket" stands out amongst SAGZ’s discography as a track with incredible danceability, while still giving us his bass-face-inducing signature synths. He believes this track gives us a glimpse of what is to come from the SAGZ project in the future, so fans should be excited. To keep up with SAGZ and his releases, check out the links below.


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