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Sam Black Recounts Domestic Abuse From Former Fiancée Ekali

Article by: Thomas Taylor

On Sunday October 18, Sam Black, Ekali’s former fiancée and DJ, made a statement on her Instagram about a number of cases of domestic abuse stemming from their previous relationship. Black details the abuse, trauma, and addiction Ekali put her, and many others, through during his career. These specific events led her to call off their engagement and Black states, “not to mention, one week after this you go on a holiday to Boulder to fuck another 21 year [old] girl? Wow… You are truly truly an evil horrible human being.”

According to Sam Black, this post was incited by Ekali cheating on her with another person after being kicked out of the couple’s home by Black, at the behest of Ekali’s manager and best friends who are also seemingly over the alleged abusers actions.

Black continues to note her constant patience with her former fiancée and her willingness to protect his legal standing saying, “after you abused me verbally AND physically, but I STILL helped you by not pressing the charges that day but instead asked the police to 5150 you, so that you don’t lose your visa and get permanent record.”

In an article by, Black spoke about the incidents, including a final breaking point one week after Ekali got placed on a 5150 hold, where he went to Tulum on a four day bender and returned to Los Angeles International Airport only to be detained by four police officers (Sam Black has since tweeted that Ekali was not “charged” at this time with anything, and was later seen out of handcuffs.)

From the YourEDM article: “When we spoke with Black, she says this was the day that she called off the engagement."

"He (Ekali) came at me verbally attacking me following me around the house screaming he didn’t do anything wrong (the previous night was the LAX police incident) and I was calling and texting his managers and best friends to come get him," she told YourEDM.

“They said we are done, we can’t help him just call the police. Then he grabbed me by both arms so hard (see the bruising in my photos) and that’s when I called the cops. They came and wanted to charge and arrest him for domestic violence but I asked them to take him as a 5150 so he wouldn’t have a record.”

Many women have come forward after Sam posted her allegations of the “gaslighting, lying, cheating, and abusing me, abusing drugs, going to rehab which I stood by you for...” To see the other accounts of abuse, navigate to the embedded tweet above and scroll through the thread.

Moon Lvnding and the dance music community around the world condemn abusive behavior. If you know anyone who acts like the person Sam Black outlines in her statement, there are resources available to get them the help they need to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering of the people around them.

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