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Sevenn Self-Releases Hybrid Techno EP

Article by: Austin Childers

Known for his famous feature in Tiesto'sBOOM,” self-proclaimed techno artist Sevenn makes a bold, yet crisp statement with his new four-track EP, Hybrid Techno, his second self-released extended play. Hybrid Techno is expected to keep the deep, dark, and dangerous warehouse techno vibes alive within nightclubs all around the world.

Hybrid Techno starts off with “Kanima,” giving off a calming wave of synth patterns accompanied by beautiful spiritual vocals. This motive keeps not only the audience’s feet moving, but also holds up with the natural techno sound & vibe.

The EP continues with more of a midnight-tech feel on his second track, “Alexander.” Sevenn sprinkles in vocals from popular alternative metal band System of A Down‘s single Open Your Eyes,” which gives the song an added swirl of groovy darkness. He also adds swinging half-second-length synth waves to fill in the gaps, comparable to the exact ones in Hidden Face‘s tune “Anxiety.”

Moving into the third track “Naked In The Rain,” Sevenn curates kicks and drums that one would hear on a mainstage megastructure. This track specifically is designed to take oneself on a spiritual journey through the sounds of Big Room House synths and riffs. He wraps up the EP with a European-style bounce track that still stays consistent with the techno culture “From Paris to Berlin." Breaking out the true dark form of drum breakbeats mixed in with thick and heavy synths, this track brings out the ghouls and ghosts of techno to life. It’s the cherry on top that makes this EP scrumptious to the listener's ear.

From start to finish, Sevenn covers all aspects of what it means to keep the midnight hour techno feeling alive by compiling these four tracks into one full serving of an EP. The deep synths, as well as the feel of the warehouse drums are the two key principal components to focus in on when listening to Hybrid Techno in its entirety. With only having this as his second EP release, Sevenn has continued to vitalize true techno to the music scene. Click the links below to check out all that Sevenn has to offer!

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