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Shatter and Ampathic Team Up to Create “Dreamscape”

Article by: Ryan Hood

Our favorite tracks can be incredible escapes from the hustle and commotion of everyday life. Songs with incredibly diverse and complex soundscapes, or effective use of both high-end and low-end frequencies and melodies, are often the easiest songs for listeners to get lost in. Shatter and Ampathic’s latest collaboration, “Dreamscape,” takes listeners on a wild ride through sound, coupling cosmic melodies with a deep, moving bassline.

“Dreamscape” begins with an entrancing, cosmic topline, making the listener feel as if they are floating. Rather than building suspense, the track’s drawn-out buildup sucks the listener in, creating an incredible emotional release when the bassline comes in. The duality of the deep bassline and floating topline give the track an incredible dichotomy to its sound; the low-end and high-end balance each other out masterfully.

Shatter is coming in hot for 2022, playing Bigfoot Electro in Tennessee and supporting Luminyst at his FLUX event. He’s fresh off playing as direct support for Feelmonger and illanthropy. back in January. We’re looking out for big things from the Ohio-based producer, as he will most certainly be getting bookings further from his home state.

Coming off a huge mix series and a What? Music Festival booking in 2021, Ampathic makes his roaring return in 2022 with “Dreamscape.” Heavily respected in the underground, Ampathic is certain to make waves in the upcoming year.

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