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Shatter And Scalar Theorem Take Us on a Ride with “Spirit Dance” [Moon Lvnding Premiere]

Article by: Ryan Hood

The bass music scene’s recent obsession with downtempo is one trend I hope sticks around for a while. Downtempo itself exists as an amazing complement to bass music, utilizing similar song structures with more high-end, soothing melodies coupled with deep, sustained basses to create incredibly diverse soundscapes. With their latest EP, Shatter and Scalar Theorem showcase their take on the subgenre, employing uplifting topline melodies and deep, enveloping basslines. Moon Lvnding is proud to premiere Shatter and Scalar Theorem’s new single “Spirit Dance” from their EP New Horizons.

“Spirit Dance” begins with deep, brooding background bass harmonics. The track’s distorted topline melody soon takes over, delivering an incredible groove alongside a midtempo hip-hop percussion pattern. The melody does a fantastic job of retaining a crunchy, distorted sound while introducing more high-end melodic elements. Pulling influences from glitch-hop, future bass, and even some wave elements, this track is perfect for setting the vibe in the club or a sunrise set on day four of a camping festival. Either way, this is a record I cannot wait to hear blasting through a quality sound system.

We’re very much looking forward to what Shatter and Scalar Theorem have in store for the rest of 2022 and beyond. For now, get on up and do your “Spirit Dance!”

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