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Shown a Miracle: Madeon’s Good Faith Live

Written by: Jake Stevenson

Photo by: Jake Stevenson

The song “Icarus” by Madeon was one of the songs off the video game Forza Horizon that got me into electronic music, and subsequently got me into Madeon as well. I first listened to Adventure a few months after its release, I was there the day that “Shelter” suddenly appeared on Madeon’s YouTube, and I waited for Madeon’s second album Good Faith for years. For the entire week after the release of Good Faith, I only listened to that album, absorbing it and digesting it, while gaining a greater appreciation for the album’s singles in the context the completed album. “Icarus” got me into electronic music, Adventure changed my life, “Shelter” saved my life, and Good Faith is helping my life.

Then finally on December 4th I got to see Madeon perform live for the first time on his Good Faith Live Tour at Franklin Music Hall - it was absolutely incredible!

Photo by: Jake Stevenson

I’ve been to a number of concerts in my life, but I’ve actually experienced just a few of them and actually felt even fewer. My mind is a fickle thing, frequently keeping me from realizing that I am in the same three-dimensional space as my favorite artists, beholding things I’d only dreamed of. Only with a few artists have I really experienced their performance, like MineSweepa and Feed Me, and even fewer have had me feel it in my body and soul, like Rezz in Philly and BTSM at EDCO. Madeon’s Good Faith Live Tour was something I truly experienced and felt, making it well worth the six year wait to see him.

I brought my mom, a recent fan of Madeon, and arrived at Franklin Music Hall around 7pm, a full hour before doors opened at 8pm. Upon entering the music hall, I made my way to the merch booth with about half a dozen signed copies of Good Faith. I snagged one immediately, while others missed out by going straight to the rail.

Photo by: Jake Stevenson

The opener was a surprise to me, and let me tell you, Devault killed it. He put on a great set, getting everybody moving and lifting our spirits.

As far as crowds go, the Madeon fans in Philly were pretty nice. The crowd was considerate, with minimal shoving on my end, except for one guy looking to start a mosh pit and get into a fight at one point, and Franklin Music Hall is a great venue to see a show at.

Madeon once described the Good Faith Live Tour as running parallel to the album; while the album has more of a daytime feel, in contrast the live show has more of a nighttime feel. Songs from Adventure were obviously present, but they felt like Good Faith in spirit. Whether his songs were extended, mashed up, sung, or remixed, Madeon did an amazing job putting the entire production together, including outstanding colorful visuals similar to the cover art of the album.

Photo by: Jake Stevenson

Unfortunately, Madeon was very sick for the show. A few times he had to sit on the stage, lay down, and even briefly ran off stage mid-song. Later it was announced that he was so sick, it prevented him from coming out for a meet and greet with the long line of fans outside the venue, which was a bummer since my mom and I were the first in line. Hugo, if you read this, I really hope you’re feeling better now, and you should know that you crushed it in Philly. You’re a freaking champion!

The visuals! The music! Madeon’s artistic vision made it one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and it was absolutely worth the six year wait to finally experience it. I cheered at “Icarus,” I bawled at “Miracle,” and I sang my heart out at “Shelter.”

At the very bottom of the Good Faith Live posters, it reads “We will feel like this forever.” There could not be a more perfect statement for how I’ve felt since finally seeing Madeon and Good Faith Live - I never want it to go away, and I don’t think it will. I truly think I will feel this happiness, wonder, and joy, forever.

Thank you.

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