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SHSTR Standing Tall with “Walking Giants” EP

Article By: Sabian Grodkiewicz

SHSTR introduces his EP with the track “Our Lovely Place,” serving as the perfect way to set the stage for the rest of Walking Giants. Beginning with subtle sounds, the track quickly gains momentum before dropping into harmonious synths with a punching bassline.

“Our Lovely Place” is a fetching tune before it finds an abrupt end, as it leads into the title track, “Walking Giants.” Pairing similar synths from the previous song, mechanical vocals and hard-hitting bass kicks permeate the background leading into a second drop that defies expectations in the best ways possible.

The third track, “The Juggernaut,” continues the progression and cohesion of the well-produced EP. Instead of angelic synths to lead in, it features more aggressive synths paired with high-hats to begin this song with an upbeat tone. The drop kicks in with an industrial sound, as the track continues to tell the story of the Walking Giants EP.

The fourth and final track, “Thought Machine,” neatly ties everything up. It brings a return to the complex, yet uplifting, sounds from the beginning of the EP, and delivers one final, hard hitting, beat drop to remind you why Walking Giants is so special.

Anyone who already has an affinity for Porter Robinson or Madeon should look no further than the Walking Giants EP by SHSTR to scratch that itch. With favorable comparisons to both artists, there's a lot to like about the sound project coming from SHSTR.


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